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Reconstructing justice

By Fariba Nawa July 17, 2003 Mother Jones Clerical Shiite judges have stepped into the power vacuum in Baghdad. What will the new face of justice be in Iraq? Tucked away in an alley in the shadow of a centuries-old shrine in one of Baghdad’s Shiite neighborhoods, Sheikh Ra’id Saadi is performing an act for which he might have been …

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Demanding to be heard

By Fariba Nawa November 14, 2001 Mother Jones Advocates for Afghanistan’s women are pushing to ensure that women’s freedoms are protected under a post-Taliban government. Peshawar — As diplomats at the United Nations continue to lay out plans for a post-Taliban government in Afghanistan, advocates for the country’s women are increasingly worried that the rights and freedoms of women will …

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Students of the war

By Fariba Nawa November 2, 2001 Mother Jones The turmoil in their native Afghanistan has followed refugee students and teachers to their new home in Pakistan. Islamabad — For the students and teachers at the Malalay Afghan refugee school here, the US offensive in Afghanistan is simply one more link in a familiar chain of violence. Some 700 boys and …

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