Mr. President, please think before you speak

Mr. President, please think before you speak

President Hamid Karzai has spoken up on Pakistan TV this week and I wish he hadn’t. It seems every time our torn Afghan president speaks, he contradicts a previous speech.

“If fighting starts between Pakistan and the U.S., we are beside Pakistan,” Karzai responded to the question “what if … “ It was just a few weeks ago that he was threatening Pakistan’s government for masterminding the Rabbani assassination. He either has very bad media advisers or doesn’t think when he answers.

Mr. President, you really should think about being friendlier to the guys in Washington who are keeping you in power. Islamabad would like you in a grave no matter how much you suck up.  Yes, you think Pakistan will be your master once the US leaves, but then you’ll have to answer to the millions of Afghans who feel Pakistan has made their life hell inside their own country. Yes, I realize you were put on the spot, so why not answer like this: “I doubt something like that would happen since the US has given Pakistan billions of dollars in aid money. And they would not dare attack you because you have nukes.” (Okay, maybe that could be refined into more diplomatic language, but you get my twist.) You give the Pakistani viewers confidence, put their mind at ease that war is not going to break out and you don’t antagonize Uncle Sam.

No, I don’t want to be your media adviser, but you should really invest in them. They’ll make you sound a little more together, even though they didn’t do much for Bush Jr. But it’s worth a try.


An Afghan who once believed in you (my naivete)

  1. Maryam
    MaryamOct 24, 2011

    I like the satire in this! I hope your message reaches Karzai before he has to answer another one of those unnecessarily controversial questions.

  2. Fayaz Siddiqi
    Fayaz SiddiqiOct 25, 2011

    He is a pleaser and says things that pleases the present audiences regardless. He was the one who called the “International War Against Terrorism” instead the “Afghan War,” which made the normal or ordinary citizens of many western countries that terrorism is an Afghan phenomena or otherwise, westner soldiers are losing their precious lives for the Afghan war and worst than ever, the taxpayers now think the billions of dollars spent on war against terrorism is not the fact, it is the money spent for fighting terrorists from Afghanistan and the world is so damaged by the Afghan war. He didn’t realize he needed some media-speaking education or diplomacy to ensure he does not side or take stand against any country. One day he blames Taliban and warns of severe punishments for their wrong-doings, the next day he calls them “unspet brothers” brothers who need some help and sympathy or worst he keeps releasing Taliban fighters arrested during operations with the cost of civilian lives and poor and empty-stomach Afghan military soldiers or police. One day he publicly blames Pakistan and in the serious tone for their support to Taliban and terroristic groups, but next day he calls Pakistan the better-half brother. He doesn’t seem to have a political agenda for the country, nor a strategy to help Afghanistan end the years of war. I never seen any diplomacy skills in his tone or words except emotional and canning ones. He hails democracy, but the other hand allows militant groups kill Hazara etnicity so brutally and in one case he refused MPs from Ghazni claiming the Hazaras did not represent Ghazni residents. By all means, he was/is the wrong person for the job. I partly believe U.S. may intentionally need or place such an incompentant counter-part for some reasons if U.S. did not or will not take any stand against him instead of continously supporting him to remain Afghan president.

  3. Dawood BHAILA
    Dawood BHAILAJan 11, 2012

    Karzai is known as the mayor of Kabul ! That means he is not in charge of the country and has no authority to large territories in Afghanistan. He is regarded as a stooge and a puppet and is there to make a quick buck or two and is being placed there as an American agent. That is the view of millions of muslims around the world and he must be assassinated.

  4. Ali Rahimi
    Ali RahimiFeb 03, 2012

    President Karzai is simply illiterate and that is why he does not understand what he is talking about. Unfortunately he thinks after he has fired the shot. It should not be a surprise to us; after all he is a cousin to Mullah Umar Akhond who pronounced himself Amirul Momenin. He does not have an address from his cousin otherwise he would personally go and get his blessings. Uncle same installed him as the president of Afghanistan because of his stupidity not because he was smart. He is now thinking of finding a way to become a life long King for our battered country. May god help us.

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