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Afghan women debate the terms of their future

By Fariba Nawa June 30, 2002 Women’s eNews ( EDITOR’S NOTE: Afghan women agree that they should play a role in the rebuilding of their country. They are divided, however, on what role Islam should play in the new nation–integral to the new government or a belief system guiding a secular state. Kabul — When at last she was welcomed …

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Afghan exiles get mixed homecoming welcome

Since February the United Nations has repatriated 231 Afghans from abroad.

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Bay Area Afghan expatriates walk tightrope

Those who returned to rebuild are caught between 2 cultures

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Beyond the veil: time to refocus women’s rights

By Fariba Nawa June 13, 2002 Pacific News Service Essay also ran in the San Jose Mercury News EDITOR’S NOTE: Afghanistan’s grand council is completing its deliberations on an interim government, but the highly charged issue of women’s rights — inseparable from women’s dress in Islamic countries — will continue to simmer. PNS contributor Fariba Nawa considers how she, an …

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Afghanistan’s fate rests with council

Delegates to choose new government

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Afghan warlords exact a toll on the road to democracy

By Fariba Nawa June 5, 2002 The San Francisco Chronicle Herat, Afghanistan — Rafiq Shaheer’s friends were shocked when they saw the bruises on his back after he was released from custody. “He lifted his shirt, and it was all black,” said an acquaintance. Shaheer, president of the pro-democratic Council of Professionals in this city of 330,000, was jailed and …

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