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Return of the ‘good warlord’

Ismail Khan seeks power in the new Afghanistan

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U.S. curtails Iraq’s newfound media freedoms

By Fariba Nawa June 27, 2003 Village Voice BAGHDAD—The print press is booming here as newspapers rose from five government-run papers during Saddam Hussein’s regime to around 150 now. But U.S.-led forces are dampening the mood of the free press by censoring it. The U.S.-led administration here last week threatened to fine or close down any newspapers that incite violence …

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Rumors of abduction frighten Baghdad parents

By Fariba Nawa June 11 – 17, 2003 Village Voice BAGHDAD—Israa Sabah is supposed to be in her seventh-grade classroom finishing her annual exams. Instead, she’s sitting home drawing women’s fashion in her notebook and watching television. The active 13-year-old is too scared to go to school. Like many Iraqi girls her age, she fears that armed gangs will snatch …

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