Why I voted for Obama

Why I voted for Obama

Obama’s foreign policy decisions do not impress me. But Obama’s foreign policy record is another blog. I didn’t vote for him because he’s bringing peace or resolution to the world.

I voted for Obama because inside the US, he’s doing what must be done to heal the country. He’s trying to regulate the economy while the Republicans continue to support big business and reduce the middle class. He supports human rights, recognizing that women are in charge of their own bodies, gays should have the right to marry and every person has a right to healthcare. He has made mistakes – the bank bailouts were not effective – but he has acted on most of his promises.

Even in Afghanistan, Obama promised a troop surge and he delivered. The fact that the surge failed to weaken the insurgency is an 11-year-old story that began with Bush, as did so much of the mess Obama inherited.

I’m hoping that in the next four years, he’ll tackle the demise of the middle class, implement his healthcare policy and cut military spending. Let’s see if he delivers.

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